What's so good about imutual?

First and foremost, it's a free, trustworthy, independent cashback website whose aim is to save you as much money as possible! imutual can help you if you do any of the following online:

- Buy stuff
- Take out insurance
- Switch gas or electricity supplier
- Sign up to broadband, landline or mobile telephones, digital TV
- Register for free services, trials and competitions

We have links and deals for over 3000 UK online stores, including most top retailers such as Tesco, Argos, Boots. Whenever you use imutual's links to visit these retailers you can:

- Earn cashback
- Benefit from discounts and voucher codes
- Learn about special promotions

There are no downsides to using imutual. You get the same great deals from your favourite retailers, AND you get cashback on top from us.

There are several cashback websites like imutual; See how we compare. But the one thing that makes us totally unique is that we are owned by our members - you!

Each time you earn cashback through imutual, or do something else that helps our company, we reward you with shares. 90% of our shares are allocated to our members, giving us a unique mutual business mode and ethos. Find out more about imutual shares

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