Can and should each member of my family have their own imutual account?

Yes, they can. We recommend that each individual creates their own account. Plus you can earn even more by getting your friends and family to use your special referral link when joining - see Tell-a-friend for more detail.

If, for some reason, a friend or family member is unable or unwilling to create their own account but would like to make a transaction with one of our merchant partners, it's usually OK for you to do that for them using your account (and hence getting rewarded). However, please note that we have to take various measures to protect our merchant partners from abuse of their offers (especially "free" offers), such as restricting the number of transactions that can be done from the same account, computer or network / IP address.

So those allowing their account to be used for others' transactions may find that they are subject to restrictions, or that we ask them to provide evidence that their transactions are genuine. If in doubt, we suggest that you only use your account for your own transactions and encourage friends and family to register a separate account.

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