How does the Cashback Guarantee work?

Sometimes a merchant will fail to track or pay your cashback even though you've done everything correctly. Unlike other cashback sites, imutual will honour your cashback reward courtesy of our Cashback Guarantee.

Over 90% of our cashback offers are covered by our Cashback Guarantee, meaning that we'll honour the cashback even if the merchant fails to track it or pay. To check whether a given merchant is covered by the guarantee, look out for the "Tick" symbol within the Special Conditions. The merchants excluded from the guarantee tend to be "No spend" (i.e. free) offers or gaming sites.

For these merchants, we'll honour the cashback provided that you follow this process:
- Use imutual's link (and no other) to visit the merchant immediately before making your purchase
- Fulfil all the conditions of the offer, as detailed on the imutual website
- In the event that the transaction fails to track correctly, submit a claim
- If the claim gets rejected by the merchant, let us know that you want to claim under the Cashback Guarantee and provide a proof of purchase as specified by our Customer Service team

We hope this will give you confidence to earn cashback through imutual and to recommend us to others.