There is a transaction on my statement that I don't think should be there

There could be several explanations for this:

- If you did visit the site, the merchant's tracking system may have inadvertently reported a transaction to us even though you didn't make one. If the item on your statement has a status of "Pending", it's possible that this will get corrected before the cashback is awarded
- Maybe someone else used your imutual account (or a PC that has your imutual cookie stored on it) to make this transaction
- It's possible that either the merchant or imutual has made a reporting error somewhere along the line. By telling us about this, we'll be able to investigate and make the system more reliable for all members

If you haven't done so already, please submit a query telling us about this, and please state whether you recall visiting that partner site on or around the date in question.

The bottom line is - don't worry if we award cashback to you that you don't think you've earned. It probably means we've been paid for the transaction too. Provided that you report it to us, we'll almost certainly allow you to keep the cashback

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